Unique Range of Portable Espresso Makers

Handpresso has created a beautiful range of portable coffee machines, both manual espresso machines, and 12v (and 24v) coffee makers, as well as a series of dedicated accessories to allow you to drink a perfect coffee at any time with even more pleasure than were you at home.

Designed to meet the need or taste for travels, Handpresso portable espresso makers grant your wishes and make your coffee breaks absolutely great, wherev

Handpresso Auto Set Capsule

Handpresso Auto Capsule is a perfect fit inside your vehicle.

It plugs into the 12/24 volt socket and can sit in the cup holder.

Reliable, intuitive, nimble and with just the right digital touch, it prepares a prefect espresso, in 2 minutes and a half. 

When you open the bag, it can be used as a tray and its lodgings make it easy to use the machine and drink your espresso.

Pods, sugar and spoons fit perfectly in the flap and, once your break is over, you’ll close it and place it in the glove box or the trunk.

Handcoffee Auto

Handcoffee Auto is a coffee machine for the car making long coffees on board: a creamy and nicely hot Senseo®- type coffee.

Whether long or short, with Handcoffee Auto, you drink the coffee you like.

In your car or driving your camper, you can stop on the road or on a mortorway rest area to enjoy a coffee as creamy as with your home coffee maker.

It plugs into the 12 volt plug of your car and sits in the cup-holder.

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