Platinum Company For Import & Export was founded in the year 2007 by :

Khaled Youssef ZaaZaa.

» Mr. ZaaZaa, known to be an early pioneer & a trend setter in the Telecommunications & Security Industry; ever since the late seventies.

And being President & CEO of ZaaZaa Establishment (Established in the year 1977); he was recognized by Egypt’s Top Ranked Entities, World Known » organizations as well as Professional Associations; as one of Egypt’s Leading Technology Marketing Conglomerate; owning & operating diversified Telecomm. & Security products & systems; within the high end of the Egyptian market.

Through his long career; he was behind several prestigious high end top ranked projects in Egypt & the Middle East.

» Using the gigantic network as well as the connections he has established throughout his long career- Almost 27 years- on both the National & Intl. levels; we @ Platinum have been able to acquire Sole Distribution Rights for 17 World Class Leading “A” Manufacturers from around the Globe; producing a large variety of class A Luxury Products; in various different as well as diversified specialties & fields; with One Element in Common; being High End Niche Products.

» Moreover; we have also been able to create a Local Distribution Network within the entire Egyptian market; in domains & market segments of interest; As far as Platinum’s Scope of Business is concerned; Namely:

» Luxurious Hotel Chains

» Class “A” Restaurant Chains

» Class “A” Cafes

» Leading Chains in the Retail Business

As well as highly recognized VIP figures within our society, in accordance to our own social standards.

» At Platinum; among one of the important elements that make us rather Unique; is the fact that “We Prioritize Quality over Cost”; as well as being extremely careful when it comes to products selection- as we always make sure target; the World’s Best!

» In the dawn of the year 2006; when Platinum was no more than just a thought or even a dream; we could not find a more inspiring start than being by the Nile River in the district of Zamalek.

» That corner stone, at which Platinum first started; has grown with GOD’s will; into a large neighborhood showroom that would enable our guests & valued customers; experience our legacy of products; thinking & strongly believing that it would be the turning point for the next generation of Lifestyle Enhancement!